Memory is intangible, yet malleable at times; we do not necessarily recall things as they occurred, but rather how they become transfixed in our minds. How and why do we unconsciously filter out certain details from the past, perhaps forgetting them completely? To what extent can a memory become a fabrication?

each fallen robin exhibits conventional photography, video, appropriation, and collage to suggest the dimensional and mutable quality of human memory. I elect to present this work in book form, for a book can be revisited over time to reveal new details and welcome new perspectives, just as memory invites the resurfacing of forgotten or previously unexamined circumstances. 

This series allows me to examine my personal history as I revisit the places that have helped shape me, the tactile fascinations that have consumed me, and the emotions that all of these environments have evoked. It considers the relationship between the nature of memory and the role that photography plays in establishing that history. I forge an emotional landscape that the viewer can adapt to his/her own experience.